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Genre: Drama

Written by:

  • Namita vartak
  • Zama habib
  • Leena gangopandhyay

Directed by:

  • Romesh kalra
  • Ketaki walawalkar ( creative director)

Produced by:

  • Rajan shahi
  • Deepa shahi

Opening theme: “ Anupama”

Country: India

Origin: Hindi

No of season: One

Original network: Star plus

Anupama” is the Indian drama series which was produced by “ Rajan shahi ” and  “Deepa shahi” and premiered on “ July 13, 2020” on star plus. It is remark of pravah’s Marathi series “ aai kuthe kay karte” which was also produced by Rajan shahi”. It broadcasted by “star plus” which is the most popular and high- rating Indian channel and loved by many peoples.

Anupama Serial Story Plot:

Anupama is the story of a mother, a devoted housewife who gives up all her dreams for her family, works throughout the day to fulfill the necessities of her husband, children and other family members like father-in-law and mother-in-law.

She didn’t care for herself and sacrificed a lot, dedicated her life for her husband and children as she made herself the best mother and loyal wife, and ideal daughter-in-law but despite all her efforts, loyalty and sacrifices she was disrespected. Her husband was in a relationship with his divorced colleague kyani and without knowledge of Anupama and always humiliated her for being uneducated because her degree was incomplete. She has 3 children paritosh, paakhi and Samar.

Paritosh and Paakhi always degraded her like their father and taunted her for her incomplete education. His mother-in-law was on his husband’s side . But she was supported by her father-in-law, jhilmil, Samar, brother in law Sanjay, Leela’s brother jengesh. After realizing her value in front of her husband she decided to come out of this zone ,and she exactly did it and lived life on her own.


The most viewed and of high voltage drama “ANUPAMA” which revolves around its lead character “ Anupama” who is the most loyal wife, devoted mother and ideal daughter-in-law but she was always disrespected by her husband, children and mother-in-law.

The storyline starts with Anupama who is always humiliated by her husband. She got married when she had to study the reason she remains uneducated and it’s the basic reason of being berated by her husband. She doesn’t even know the ABC of the English language. She is gruhlaxmi of the house and always ready to work for everyone when they need her but always get underrated by her husband and by seeing the insulted behavior of his husband with her , her children also keep insulted behavior with her.

But everyone has some positive points in themselves. Anupama is the best cook. That’s why she spent most of her time in the kitchen making delicious dishes to make her family happy. She is also an expert in kathak dance. But these things never made her to be respected by her family. Only his one son Samer, her father-in-law hasmukh shah her brother-in-law sanjay Patel her house servant jhilmil was always in her favour and kept her spirit high to tolerate all her family member’s behavior.

Anupama Plot

Vanraj who was her husband was in an extra-marital affair with his colleague kavya without her wife’s knowledge and their affairs were also not revealed in front of the shah family. Kavya was already divorced by Anirudh Gandhi. Vanraj makes her believe that they will get married soon. So they were in a relationship with each other. On the other side Anupamma has eye blind trust on her husband in spite of his rude behavior. Davika who was Anupamma’s old friend felt something strange in Vanraj and kavya’ behavior so she warned Anupamma about this but Anupamma confronted her by saying that she had faith in her husband.

Paritosh’s life:

Paritosh is the elder son of Anupamma whose behavior is so disappointed with her mother just like his father, mother-in-law and his insulted behavior make his sister pakhi to keep the same attitude toward her mother. Paritosh always degraded his mother.

He loves kinjal Dave and wanna marry her but kinjal’s mother  Rakhi Dave was opposing their love and made the only reason of paritosh’ uneducated mother. This makes Paritosh more furious about his mother and he dislikes his mother more. He always dejected his mother due to her incomplete degree like his father and ignored her efforts which she has done for them. He decided to go and live with kinjal as he loves her very much.

Despite that Rakhi doesn’t like the Shah family, and always humiliating them, he put his thinking into practice and went to live in Kinjal’s house. When Vanraj came to know about his decision he got furious at this situation and called Paritosh to come back home. Meanwhile Anupamma met kinjal’s mother Rakhi Devi in a café and tried to convince her at paritosh kinjal’s marriage . Rakhi agreed in front of her but internally she decided to make some plan to break up their relationship. As a result of this discussion paritosh came back to home.

Anupama’s marriage silver jubilee:

Along with Paritosh’s storyline , Anupamma was in great stress but at the same time Nandini who was Samar’s love also warns Anupamma about the extra-marital Vanraj kavya’s affair but she didn’t believe on her also like she didn’t believe on Davika’s warn about Vanraj affair with kavya. At home, their wedding anniversary function’s preparation was in full swing. Everyone got to participate in the event’s preparation as there were just some days remaining.

On the other hand, kavya insisted Vanraj to marry her before Vanraj marriage’s silver jubilee. Vanraj seems to agree with her marriage wish. Meanwhile Anirudh (kavya’s ex husband) came to know about kavya’s affair with Vanraj and he felt that it would be necessary to inform Anupamma about their relationship and he did this also.

He went to meet Anupama to inform her and to make her take control of her husband . But like always Anupama denied him by saying she had great trust in her husband. She co front Anirudh but internally she got scared about Vanraj’s affair as she had heard this affair’s news from many people like davika Nandini and Anirudh. Later in household purposes she forgot this for some time and made herself busy in function’s preparation .

Anupama Drama

Vanraj and kavya decided to get married on the same night of Anupamma Vanraj’s wedding anniversary. Soon after during the ritual to their silver jubilee anniversary she felt something between kavya and Vanraj as kavya was invited to their family function as vanraj’s office colleague. She saw both of them going somewhere in the house by leaving the party at its peak. She started chasing them and saw them confessing their love and getting intimate with each other. It’s a time of great shock for Anupamma to see his husband get close to some other women. She became shattered and faint.

Turning point:

It became a turning point in Anupamma’s life as she never had thought about this type of cheating from her husband. She was a loyal wife and wanted her husband to be loyal. But her husband broke her faith. By knowing all about her husband’s affair she keeps it secret from other family members, but with the support of davika ,who was her old friend, she creates a virtual barrier between Vanraj and herself.

Everyone gets confused about Anupamma’s behavior with Vanraj but she never told anyone about anything. Paritosh and Samar get some clues about their parents’ clash and later they also come to know about their father’s affair with his colleague kavya. Samar wanna told this to pakhi also but paritosh refused to do so as their sister was small in age. Eventually during this happening, paritosh got engaged with kinjal and he was very happy about it.

Anupamma’s opposing decisions:

After witnessing vanraj’s affair, Anupamma no longer lives her life according to vanraj’s choice. She made decisions herself, more of them made Vanraj furious and he got angry upon Anupama. The only thing that made Anupama too get stuck on her decision was the support of Nandini, davika and samer which made her spirit high. This secret couldn’t remain secret for more time and it got revealed in front of not all ,but many family members like leela shah ,hasmukh shah came to know vanraj secret.

Paritosh and Samar already know about their father’s affair. When this secret gets revealed to Rakhi Dave ,she uses this as an opportunity to break the kinjal Paritosh’s engagement. Pramod Dave who was Rakhi’s husband was a kind hearted man and always tries to advise his wife to do good. Pramod also supports and has good behavior with Anupamma. Kinjal also favors Anupama and supports her.

Anupama makes a decision to learn how to drive a car. When Vanraj came to know about Anupamma’s wish and decision he got furious at Anupama and he became angry on Anupama as Bapuji’s health was not good so, in this situation how could Anupama take this type of decision .

But Anupama gets stuck to her decision of learning car driving and half of family members support her in her decision as car driving is today’s necessity and one should have how to know about it. Anupama asked Kinjal whether she could help her in learning to drive a car? She agreed to support and help Anupama in learning. Paritosh opposed her decision but Kinjal convinced him and started teaching Anupama about car driving.

Anupama Cast

Not only this, Anupamma also started to teach kathak dance to girls in her house as she was an expert in kathak. In this decision Samar supported her and arranged kathak dance classes at home. At this, vanraj gets furious and tries to end this matter which was shit in his view. When he tried to stop it but could do nothing, he made a decision which shocked everyone. He said Anupamma to force Samar to leave house or she would have to stop these kathak classes. It was a very critical moment for Anupamma and at that moment Samar supported her by talking to his father. He decided to leave Shah’s house. Later Anupamma also came to know about Samar’s interest in Nandini . Samar loves Nandini and knows that she is also interested in him.

Vanraj kavya’s affair get revealed:

As kavya’s birthday was coming, so vanraj wanted to give her birthday surprise and also make the decision to purpose kavya on her birthday. As everyone was busy in Diwali preparation, he planned a romantic dinner for kavya but unfortunately, he planned a dinner in a hotel where Rakhi Dave spent most of her quality time.

On Diwali festival, everyone waits for vanraj for puja ritual but vanraj is busy with his girlfriend and gets late as everybody does puja ritual. Anupamma also completes puja on which vanraj gets angry on her.

On kavya’s birthday, Rakhi who knows about vanraj’s plan invited all the shah family. On birthday night Vanraj lies on the floor and expresses his romantic feelings for kavya ,at the same time the shah family enters the hotel and sees vanraj proposing kavya, everyone gets shocked by seeing this scene.  Hasmukh already was a heart patient and got a huge shock . Leela was also stunned by seeing this as she had a great trust on him ,she slapped vanraj as vanraj broke her trust and vanraj gave his clarification by saying that this is all because of Anupama. He never liked Anupamma from the beginning of their marriage as it was a totally arranged marriage for both of them. By seeing all the situation Rakhi started to blame Shah family for extramarital vanraj’s affairs. She takes this situation as an opportunity to fork kinjal Paritosh’s engagement. Bapuji shouts at vanraj to ask him to go away at that time.   Turning track of drama:

Later, Bapuji gave a shocking announcement that vanraj has to leave Shah’s house, and go wherever he wants to go with his girlfriend kavya. Leela and vanraj are shocked at this decision. Leela tries to talk to her husband about this as she loves her son and also loves her husband and tries to keep him from making such a harsh decision which will break the entire Shah family.

Vanraj tries to convince paritosh as Rakhi Fork the paritosh kinjal’s engagement just because of vanraj kavya extra-marital affair. Vanraj tried to explain his condition and all about kavya but paritosh didn’t wanna listen to his father as he thought his father vanraj was responsible for breaking up his engagement. He loves kinjal very much and he didn’t compromise in this matter. He got angry with his father and supported Anupama as he thought vanraj was wrong in this matter as he cheated her mother who loves vanraj much and was loyal to him.

After some days:

Pakhi saw the strange behavior of all family members but especially Anupamma got shattered after witnessing the vanraj’s romantic feelings for kavya. But pakhi didn’t know anything yet. But her curiosity got on peak and she went to Nandini to know about this matter. Nandini never kept this secret anymore and told pakhi about everything, about his father’s affair with his colleague .

Anupama Story

Pakhi gets shocked like her family members that his lovely father is in an affair with kavya. She felt very sad for her mother and she went to her brothers to talk to them as they did not inform her about everything. His brothers convinced her by saying that she is a small girl and shouldn’t take interest in this matter. But pakhi got furious and hated kavya much as she thought kavya is responsible for everything as she made her father to be in a relationship with her. And her father cheated her mother. She also scolds Nandini for this situation as she never told her before.

After some days, Pakhi takes his school friend Siddharth Desai with her to her home as they have plans for combined study. When vanraj came to know this he got furious as always and called pakhi in order to talk to her. When pakhi came, he asked why she took an outsider in our home, as this is not fair to take anyone who is not our relative or family member, in home.

Pakhi got furious at this and he talked to her father about why he took kavya to their family function ,she is also not a part of the shah family ,she is also an outsider, as she is just a vanraj colleague ,so why does she come to the shah house. At her behavior and gossip, vanraj gets stunned. He couldn’t say a word in front of her daughter as pakhi was talking about reality. Vanraj feels ashamed that his daughter also came to know about his affair with kavya. He left home at this moment.

To be continued…

This serial is continuing and not completed yet but the public gave this serial high attention and it seems that it would be more interesting in near future. Seems to have more suspense. More surprising episodes are yet to come. So stay with star plus to see this serial as it is one of the most viewed dramas with high ratings and has gained great public intention as its story is not like other Indian dramas which are based on young boy girl love stories . It is based on a loyal wife and devoted mother.


In February 2020, Rajan shahi who is the producer of this serial announced that he is planning to make a remark of serial aai kuthe kay karte which was broadcasted on star pravah. In early august 2020, the cast of this series Anupamma recorded the song Raksha Bandhan for their starting serial. This serial is filmed in the film city of Mumbai. Its production company is Director’s kut production.

Firstly, it was decided to premier this on 16 march 2020, but it was locked due to covid-19 breakdown in india. So later it premiered on 13 July 2020. Speaking about it, Rupali ganguly, who was the main lead for the cast of character Anupama , said: it was a very emotional drama especially for the Anupam character, it will strike as an emotional chord. Our audience will definitely love this serial as it is not like other serials . It has a unique story based on strange facts that could happen with someone. It’s a great project and it is no wise to delay its launch anymore.

Surely, the public will love this serial. Critics also give this serial high rating as firstly, the story is very heart touching, emotional and has suspense and curiosity in it. Secondly, all cast well-played their character specially Rupali ganguly was just fit in its character. Her acting makes the audience fall into tears as her role was very emotional and sacrificing. Story has a high mix of family values. Due to all these reasons critics gave this serial high rating worldwide specially in india that the reason it is most viewed and of high voltage serial. As it continues till now ,it seems to be more interesting and full of curiosity in future’s episodes. Audience waits for its episodes with zeal and wants to know what will happen next.

Rating and awards:

In India Anupama has an average rating of about 2.1 during its debut week in urban regions. Next week it generated 5.9 million impressions in the urban region and 7.8 million impressions overall and jumped to the 2nd position. It maintained its position in the following weeks  with 5.8 million impressions of the urban region and 7.7 million impressions overall. Next by maintaining its position, it has 6 million impressions overall. It became the 5th most viewed and watched Indian GEC with 8 million impressions overall. After vanraj’s silver jubilee track, it became the most favorite serial for the audience. Now with 8.54 million impressions in urban areas and 11.74 million impressions overall its gaining rating and views day by day.

It won 2 awards yet. One was the Golden Award with dynamic actor category and the nominee was sudhanshu pandey.  He won the award of best dynamic actor. Second award was the  Dadasaheb phalke icon award with the popular icon category and the nominee was Rupali Ganguly. She won this award as she has the ability to get this.

As this serial us still continues and seems to be more interesting and full with curiosity , and expert  expectation was that there is a happy ending if this serial. So stay connected with star plus as it is broadcasted on this channel and know more about this story.


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